Digital Transformation


Five Reasons to Rethink an ERP System Purchase

In the medical device manufacturing industry, it’s common for small to midsize companies to reach a point in their growth when leadership starts thinking about purchasing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ...

Digital Transformation


Five Reasons You Should Digitally Transform Your Ops—Beyond Excel and Email

Chances are, your team didn’t choose to work in the orthopedic implant manufacturing business because they couldn’t cut it as firefighters.

Digital Transformation


The Hidden Cost of Chaos

Let’s be honest: how much of the workday does your team spend putting out fires, entering sales data, entering request/order data, searching for inventory, and wrestling with the various systems you all use to get ...

Digital Transformation


The Promise of Digital Transformation for Orthopedic Medical Device Manufacturers

Like a birdie bounced over a badminton net, digital transformation is a buzzword frequently tossed into business conversations and articles. And just like that birdie—depending on who’s serving—it’s an offensive ...

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