Organize Inventory Movement In the Field

Execute optimal inventory movement through efficient workflows and powerful search and reporting tools.


Dashboards and Real-Time Visibility

See all field inventory across distributor, rep, or product line. View field inventory, warehouse inventory, incoming returns, pending requests, approved requests awaiting fulfillment, items on backorder, and items in need of procurement.

Master Implant List

Master Implant List

Search and access implant details, including all specs, activity and sales summary, location by part numbers, hospital pricing, and reorder usage. View implants that are expired or expiring soon.

Inventory requests

Inventory requests

Manage submitted consignment, loaner, replenishment, and ad hoc inventory requests, or create them on behalf of reps in the field. Approve or deny, automate shipping, and automatically send shipment notifications via email.



View and search inventory by container, by implant, lot and serial number. View expired/expiring inventory. View open requests, including current status, and view incoming shipments.

Loaner management

Loaner management

Handle requests and fulfillment, analyze due and overdue inventory, set overdue fees, and extend due dates.

All-in-One Software for Your Entire Team

Manage inventory via a single system.

  • Director of Operations
  • Finance

Director of Operations

Use real-time visibility and data to inform workflows and processes that reduce chaos and allow you to deliver what is needed on time.

  • Leverage real-time, accurate case and sales order data
  • Understand who needs inventory
  • Know who holds inventory and its location at all times
  • Evaluate fulfillment with full awareness of comprehensive inventory needs and availability
  • Track what is on order and backorder at all times
  • Create—and enforce—policies to optimize inventory usage


Access powerful reports, real-time insights, and comprehensive data to improve decision-making across your business.

  • Evaluate distributorships based on profitability
  • Set optimal purchasing and manufacturing inventory levels with real usage and forecast data
  • Optimize working capital and identify opportunities to unlock more
  • Reduce systems complexity within your organization
  • Integrate ImplantBase and QuickBooks to delay ERP purchase until revenue exceeds $100M

I can pinpoint the location of any tray, instrument and every implant in the company in a matter of seconds. Yearly audits have turned into hours, not days. In the end, ImplantBase gives me instant visibility and saves me thousands of dollars on express or overnight shipping.

Ron Guzman, Inventory & Distribution Manager, West Coast Spine+Ortho

From Instruments to Implants to Disposables

Comprehensive features to keep track of everything.

Real-Time Visibility

Quickly determine who has what, where it is, when it's was last used, and when it scheduled to be used again.

Inventory Requests

From ad hoc consignment requests to replenishment requests to loaner requests. Fast and easy data entry. Real-time access to request status.

Request Fulfillment

From consignment/loaner requests to direct orders and stock orders, one streamlined process for meeting demand. Real-time access to the shipment status.

Automatic Shipping Notifications

Configurable notifications that indicate the tracking number, what is on the shipment, and what is NOT on the shipment.

Loaner Management

Real-time tracking of loaner inventory, including due-back dates and overdue loaners listings. Manage loaner fee assessments, as well.

Backorder Management

Real-time listings of items requested but not fulfilled. Visible at both the manufacturer and distributor/sales rep level.

Barcode Scanning

Use barcodes to receive and move inventory. Includes UDI barcode management tools.

Expired/Expiring Inventory Management

Real-time tracking of expired and soon-to-expire items. Also automatic notifications to the field. Systematic blocks to prevent the usage or expired inventory.

Comprehensive Reports

Analyze inventory utilization and inventory transactions in real-time. Easily investigate movements by part, lot, and/or serial number.

Dedicated to Instrumenting Your Success

Success requires more than just software. It requires extensive know-how, smooth implementation, and dedicated support. That’s why we offer expertise to accelerate your ImplantBase adoption.