Our Vision

Since 2009, ImplantBase has been pursuing a vision for the medical device industry in which field sales reps and field operations people are digitally connected to the entire supply chain all the time, no matter where they are.

We believe this is the key to solving the costly ‘last-mile logistics’ inventory problem that has plagued the industry for decades.

Put The Reps First

The solution isn’t simply a matter of providing innovative technology to the companies that make medical devices. It all starts with the reps who sell those devices. Why? Because sales reps are the source of all the information that is so critical, yet inaccessible, to medical device manufacturers.

The ImplantBase philosophy is simple: “If you give the reps what they want, everyone else gets what they need.”

Failing to put the reps first ultimately means no one gets what they need. Indeed, the history of the medical device industry is filled with stories of large manufacturers rolling out promising software solutions, only to see them fail due to little or no adoption in the field.

Putting It Into Practice

Our vision and our commitment to putting reps first is why we spent our first four years making ImplantBase into the fastest, easiest way for reps, admins, and distributors to do their jobs. No more paper. No more being chained to a desk. No more wondering what they have or where it is. No more spending days to calculate commissions. No more compiling reports no one reads. Just one simple, web-based system that works on any device.

Word spread fast, and dozens of distributorships and 1000+ reps later, we started building features for manufacturers. We knew we were on the right track when our distributor customers started pushing their represented manufacturers to consider ImplantBase as a comprehensive solution to get everyone on the same page. That was 2013, and we haven’t looked back.

Enable Everyone FROM REP to manufacturer

The feature set for manufacturers is extensive. Aside from expected functionality around case management and inventory management, there are modules for conducting field audits, calculating commissions and royalties, CRM, and some of the most insightful reporting ever seen in the industry. Beyond that, ImplantBase integrates with any modern financial or ERP system, thus creating the most comprehensive and capable solution in the medical device industry.

ImplantBase enables everyone from a single rep, an entire distributorship, or a large manufacturer to connect and transact with everyone in their ecosystem from any device and directly to any ERP or financial package. Our vision is becoming reality, but there is much more to do.

Get in touch with us to find out how our vision can help your business.