Identify Opportunities for Transformation

By understanding your business—and how you currently run it—we can help you expedite the realization of ImplantBase’s benefits. We begin all engagements with a Business Process Analysis Workshop to analyze your processes and prepare for necessary configurations and implementation.


Data gathering

Incorporating stakeholders from each functional area, we examine all aspects of your current business processes, including products, order-to-cash cycle, purchasing and receiving, master data management, and reporting.

Functional gap analysis

Analysis helps us identify customizations necessary to support your business processes. Often, few—if any—are required.

Integration documentation

If integration with an ERP is required, we provide initial documentation of how and when ImplantBase will transact with your system.

Phased duration

The Performance Analysis starts right away. The workshop and the development and presentation of the documentation typically takes around two weeks.

Sales Rep Adoption Rate
Revenue Processed
Rep Time Freed Per Week
Inventory Items Managed