Why You Need More Flexibility in Your Commissions Process

“There is more than one way to skin a cat,” goes the old adage. It means, of course, that there’s more than one way of doing something—very much like the reality of the commissions process in the orthopedic medical ...



Solving the Pitfalls of Commissions Disputes

What would improving how your staff handles commissions mean for your business? Would it reduce the number of disputes they handle? Save time in the back-and-forth of understanding what happened, where the mistake ...



Three Reasons to Transform How You Handle Commissions

Handling commissions each month can feel, at times, like doing battle with the many-headed Hydra monster. You’re wielding a sword, uncertain of which flailing head to focus on first. Should it be the cumbersome ...



Understanding the Causes of Commissions Friction

Look up the synonyms for friction in a thesaurus and the list isn’t particularly pleasant: conflict, dissension, rubbing, strife, antagonism, ...

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