Unlock Operational Efficiency With Rollout and Field Adoption

To prepare you for your field rollout, we train your field sales and distributor network staff to transact directly with you in ImplantBase—from any device, anywhere. Choose from several options for training.


Develop strategy

With vast experience, we have the communication and strategies to ensure maximum adoption.

Provide Training

From standard web-based group training to customized and individualized training, our team can get your field sales units up to speed in a hurry. And if you want to train the field with your own people, we can provide train-the-trainer services.

Phased duration

Rolling out ImplantBase to the field is a highly variable phase in terms of timing. How long it takes depends upon the strategy adopted, the availability of resources, and the nature of the field sales organization itself. Our focus is to get the field using ImplantBase as quickly as possible while minimizing operational disruption. This doesn’t happen overnight, but no one has a better track record than we do.

Develop Assets

Whether you need slide decks, Word/PDF documents, or video walk-throughs, our team can provide the assets needed to ensure success when it comes to rolling out ImplantBase to the field.

Assess and Adjust

Our team will compile and present data related to what is working and what isn't working in the rollout to the field. They will then collaborate with you to make adjustments to the plan.

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