Five Must-Haves to Ensure High Field Adoption

Come, gather ‘round. We have a story to tell you, one we call “A Tale of Two Vendors.”


Once, there were two OEMs in the orthopedic med device industry and two software vendors. Both OEMs are in the process of implementing a new software system to make the business of business simpler.


Excited by the features one vendor touted, the first OEM jumped in without carefully evaluating some key points on fit. Its choice did not have high field adoption rates and an agile, responsive team specifically focused on adoption support. As a result, six months after beginning rollout, this OEM is still working out the wrinkles of basic implementation for staff in its headquarters. It hasn’t even scratched the surface of what achieving high field adoption will take, which is of course where the real benefits of adopting an orthopedics system will be realized.


The second OEM evaluated several possible software vendors, comparing success rates on field adoption and the processes in place for rollout and adoption support. Knowing the challenges inherent in introducing new tools and systems, its leadership team selected a vendor with proven rollout experience, flexible options, and a very high field adoption rate. Now six months in, this OEM is ready to collaborate with the field on gaining deep and broad efficiencies through adoption and is confident that its rollout will be highly successful.


How did OEM #2 know what to look for in making a vendor decision? How can your firm learn from the lessons of this tale to make the right choice, too? As creators of the industry-specific all-in-one software platform for the orthopedic med device market, we know the five must-haves for our customers to ensure high adoption rates (and to reap maximum ROI on their software investment). Here is what they are.


#1: Flexible licensing model

Look for a vendor that offers a flexible licensing model that aligns adoption incentives with your corporate financial incentives. Knowing that you have enough licenses to provide access to any and all reps, regardless of high vs. low volume, will provide your finance team the predictability to plan ahead for the next 12 to 24 months.


Bottom line: You want to choose a software partner more interested in the success of your adoption and implementation than in haggling with you over licenses. ImplantBase offers flexible licensing options that can grow with your business.


#2: Multiple rollout strategies

Not all rollout strategies are created equal, and not all OEMs and distributors will benefit from the same approach. Consider the differences in strategy here:

  • Pick the most enthusiastic sales leader who is willing to commit his leadership capital to the rollout effort.
  • Opt for a communication-based strategy that clearly conveys the benefits to the field, prompting a handful of early adopters to raise their hands.
  • Roll out module by module or even workflow by workflow to create momentum, minimize disruption, and support productivity.

These are very different rollout approaches, and you will want to ensure that your chosen partner is flexible and expert enough to work with you.


Bottom line: We offer ultimate flexibility, including the ability to roll out ImplantBase as granularly as rep by rep within a distributorship.


#3: App-specific features to support adoption

Of course, every potential partner in sales mode is going to tell you that reps love their app, but can you see the proof in their adoption rate? (Hint: if not, ask why.)


Adoption rates are important, but so are adoption metrics. Robust adoption reporting capabilities help you understand which parts of a solution reps adopt, so you can evaluate whether they will ultimately adopt enough features or segments to drive return on investment.


Bottom line: Our adoption rate is as high as 97%, and we analyze adoption using metrics specifically designed to monitor and promote it among your staff.


#4: Resources specifically focused on adoption

Even the best-planned projects encounter variables in implementation. Initial feedback from reps is essential to streamlining and supporting adoption. That’s why rapid development of enhancements and new features is so important—and why you want a partner that specifically dedicates resources to adoption.


After all, nothing makes a rep feel more ownership than when one of their suggestions appears as a feature or added field when they log in.


Bottom line: We have project management and technical resources specifically focused on reacting and responding to initial field feedback to ensure your success.


#5: A proven track record

Changing how you work is a big decision—and an investment in your future. You want to entrust this crucial change to a partner with a proven track record of success in driving adoption. Look for adoption support on everything from onsite training to personal screen sharing tutorial sessions and technical resources, communication templates to message the field, and the results to prove it works.


Bottom line: With over 30 implementations and zero failures in all areas of orthopedics, we have the processes, resources, and expertise in place to drive high adoption.


At ImplantBase, we envision a digitally connected supply chain from manufacturer to patient, and supporting adoption is how we help you get there faster. As the industry-specific all-in-one software platform for your sales operations, inventory management, and finance functions, ImplantBase is designed to wrap around your business—no matter how you do business. We’ve developed a system that’s flexible in module use, pricing, and system integration, so you can choose how you roll it out.

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