Calibrating ImplantBase to Your Business Processes

With a wealth of industry and client experience, we bring best practice processes and workflows to you. We immerse ourselves in understanding what you do today so we can cut out the complexities and make ImplantBase work for you.


Data gathering

Our project management team works with your stakeholders and project team members to gather and organize all the master data needed to provision your account. Our templates make it easy to provide info about surgeons, what you sell, who you sell to, who you buy from, and the makeup of your sales organization.

Process input

Key representatives from each area of the business are asked to provide details on specific processes. Those processes are documented and then validated by the broader stakeholder audience.

Process optimization

Our deep industry knowledge and software expertise enable us to offer best-practice insights to transform your processes for maximum efficiency.


Deployment configuration takes place after the Performance Analysis has established how ImplantBase will wrap around your business. This phase typically lasts around 30 days.

Sales Rep Adoption Rate
Revenue Processed
Rep Time Freed Per Week
Inventory Items Managed