Organize Inventory Movement In the Field

Execute optimal inventory movement through efficient workflows and powerful search and reporting tools.



Create commission rules for distributors and reps by product line, hospital, or surgeon—or using any combination. Pay multiple entities on a single case, create threshold rules, support ad hoc bonuses or payouts, and generate commission detail PDFs by rep or sales unit.

QuickBooks integration

QuickBooks integration

Initiate purchase and sales transactions in ImplantBase and flow them into QuickBooks without additional data entry. Use configurations to control automatic transaction processing and manual review between systems. Plug and play integration balances inventory and revenue between systems.

All-in-One Software for Your Entire Team

Gain visibility into every step of the supply chain.

  • Sales Operations
  • Finance

Sales Operations

Process commissions quickly and easily, provide transparency, and track all data and activities in a single system.

  • Process commissions for all sales units in minutes
  • View—and provide—transparent information on transaction payments
  • Work in a system with a single source of truth to reduce errors and disagreements


Streamline commissions and contracts. Expand QuickBooks accounting capabilities by making ImplantBase your system of record for detailed inventory data—and delay a costly ERP purchase until revenue exceeds $100M.

  • Support and enable endless variations in contracts with sales reps and distributors
  • Use ImplantBase to account for inventory by location and by lot and serial number
  • Use integration with QuickBooks to defer costly ERP purchase

ImplantBase addresses implant flow issues that can become costly and even paralyzing to organizations. Quite simply… ImplantBase allows our organization the visibility to see where our inventory is, where it should be, and quite often, where it shouldn’t be. Due to the ability of ImplantBase to interface intimately with Quickbooks Online, we can see sales trends, run reports, invoice hospitals, and pay commissions.

Curtis Matthews, Chief Operating Officer, Reinvent Biologics

From Commissions to QuickBooks

Comprehensive features to run the financial side of the business.

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Success requires more than just software. It requires extensive know-how, smooth implementation, and dedicated support. That’s why we offer expertise to accelerate your ImplantBase adoption.