Comprehensive Field Audit Process

Create an audit process to capture a snapshot of all manufacturer inventory, including containers and implant items, currently held by all distributors in the field.

IB_Audit_Module Screen

Field Audit Management

Create audits at the distributor/sales unit level. Compare counts against expected inventory to generate preliminary variance reports. Enable users to easily resolve any container variances or implant item discrepancies discovered during the audit. Can be set to automatically communicate to ERP system to be resolved.


Count Management

Generate expected inventory Excel sheets to be sent to field stakeholders. Count within ImplantBase or upload count sheets by inventory container. Filter and sort inventory containers by location and/or current holder. Capture images of inventory containers and save as part of the audit.


Snapshot Auditing Methodology

Audits are based on a snapshot taken at the beginning of the audit process. Field users are able to continue to transact against actual inventory while the audit is conducted. At conclusion of audit, ImplantBase calculates all the interim transactions prior to generating count variances.

All-in-One Software for Your Entire Team

Manage field inventory via a single system.

  • Director of Operations
  • Finance

Director of Operations

The ImplantBase Field Inventory Audit Module includes a number of reports to help your team perform inventory audits in the field.

  • Container Report provides a list of all containers expected to appear in the audit, along with the holder, location, expected quantity, and once counted, the actual quantity
  • Expected Inventory Report provides a list of implant items expected to appear in the audit, along with the container and location in which they are expected to reside and the expected quantity
  • Interim Report provides a list of containers or implant items on the audit along with any variances detected in the audit and the dollar value of those variances
Audit Screenshot


Access powerful reports, real-time insights, and comprehensive data to improve decision-making across your business.

  • Evaluate distributorships based on profitability
  • Set optimal purchasing and manufacturing inventory levels with real usage and forecast data
  • Optimize working capital and identify opportunities to unlock more
  • Reduce systems complexity within your organization
  • Integrate ImplantBase and QuickBooks to delay ERP purchase until revenue exceeds $100M

ImplantBase’s updated Audit module is an absolute game changer, and I am excited to build on it more as it has changed the way I conduct my daily business. Now, I only have to walk into a hospital/location with just my iPad, iPhone and charger to complete my audits. I have shopped around multiple times, and there is no one in this industry that can offer what ImplantBase offers when it comes to doing Field Audits. By working together, this collaborative effort from both Zimmer Biomet Spine and ImplantBase achieved this tool.

Aleksandr Zavadskiy, Field Inventory Auditor, Operations at Zimmer Biomet Spine

From Instruments to Implants to Disposables

Comprehensive features to keep track of everything.

Real-Time Visibility

Quickly determine who has what, where it is, when it's was last used, and when it scheduled to be used again.

Inventory Requests

From ad hoc consignment requests to replenishment requests to loaner requests. Fast and easy data entry. Real-time access to request status.

Request Fulfillment

From consignment/loaner requests to direct orders and stock orders, one streamlined process for meeting demand. Real-time access to the shipment status.

Automatic Shipping Notifications

Configurable notifications that indicate the tracking number, what is on the shipment, and what is NOT on the shipment.

Loaner Management

Real-time tracking of loaner inventory, including due-back dates and overdue loaners listings. Manage loaner fee assessments, as well.

Backorder Management

Real-time listings of items requested but not fulfilled. Visible at both the manufacturer and distributor/sales rep level.

Barcode Scanning

Use barcodes to receive and move inventory. Includes UDI barcode management tools.

Expired/Expiring Inventory Management

Real-time tracking of expired and soon-to-expire items. Also automatic notifications to the field. Systematic blocks to prevent the usage or expired inventory.

Comprehensive Reports

Analyze inventory utilization and inventory transactions in real-time. Easily investigate movements by part, lot, and/or serial number.

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