Generate Growth That Pushes You Forward

Grow your business as if your team were twice its size. ImplantBase gives you the ability to reduce chaos and boost productivity by improving efficiency, streamlining reporting, and reaping the benefits of automation.

That means you’ll control headcount while focusing your team on what really matters to your growth potential: competition through innovation, efficiencies in production, and relationship-building that opens new doors.

Grow Faster with Lower Operational Costs

Transform Just-in-Case Inventory to Just-in-Time

Meet Demand With Supply

Maximize opportunity and growth by meeting demand in time—every time. As you rapidly grow, demand often outstrips supply. By allowing you unparalleled visibility into your production and inventory, ImplantBase helps you be more nimble in meeting current and future demand.

Transform Your Business

  • Finance
  • Sales Leadership
  • Operations

Invest wisely to change the game

As the Head of Finance for a fast-growing, innovative young manufacturer, you must steer the company to wise investment. Meeting current and future demand with product production is a priority. So is controlling headcount while maximizing efficiency. Your investments must yield rapid ROI. ImplantBase changes the game when it comes to growth. You’ll be able to grow sales and inventory order volume 5-8x before needing additional field support headcount.

Control and plan ahead, clearly defining what, where, and when you’ll need to staff.

  • Optimize your business growth
  • Control headcount
  • Clearly define roles and processes
  • Free resources for production

Fuel sales growth with better tools

Rapid growth means an expansion of your sales force, which generates more sales orders, more purchase orders, and more sales reporting. With that growth comes complexity, which burdens leadership and operations—and jeopardizes your effectiveness. ImplantBase gives you the reins of control. With them, you’ll have real-time visibility into upcoming cases, forecasts, sales, and inventory levels. By spending less time wrangling inventory, you’ll have more time to drive sales.

The ImplantBase platform helps transform your employees’ work for greater efficiency and coordination.

  • Gain visibility into sales
  • Track and manage inventory, including holder and shipping information
  • Analyze sales trends at the rep, surgeon, and product level
  • Easily find, deploy, and transfer inventory

Liberate your team

To contend with fast-paced growth, you’ve evolved an array of necessary but homegrown processes. As a result, your team struggles with relatively tedious tasks, a lack of visibility into field inventory, and inefficient processes rife with the potential for errors. ImplantBase gives you and your team a different reality. Liberate your team from laborious work with more creative, higher-value contributions. Boost efficiency and accuracy through automated, consistent processes. As part of the ImplantBase Community of users, you won’t go it alone—tap into the expertise of others who have conquered your struggles.

With ImplantBase, you unify your team in pursuit of growth and innovation.

  • Incorporate best practices for your systems and processes
  • Automate tedious processes
  • Source expertise from the ImplantBase Community of users
  • Tap real-time visibility into inventory

All-in-One Solution for Startup Medical Device Manufacturers

Specifically designed for orthopedic medical device companies, ImplantBase’s industry-leading, all-in-one cloud platform unifies your operations to enhance productivity, unlock capital, and encourage innovation.


Sales Operations

Free your reps to focus on building relationships by centralizing administration from any device, anywhere.

Field Inventory

Deliver more value with powerful real-time insights that bring clarity over inventory and case management.


Optimize capital and resources with full, up-to-the-minute control over your operations and last-mile supply chain.


Performance Analysis

Expedite the realization of ImplantBase’s benefits with a complete analysis of your existing business processes. This takes place within the first 30 days of every engagement.

Implementation & Configuration

Map best-practice processes and workflows to your business. ImplantBase offers comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality as well as custom configuration possibilities.

Quickbooks Integration

Work in ImplantBase and automatically create and update transactions in Quickbooks. Streamline invoicing and collections as well as purchasing and receiving.

Rollout & Field Adoption

Unlock operational efficiency with rollout and field adoption, which takes place over 30-60 days depending on sales force size.

Support & Training

Execute processes and tasks to accelerate your business without worrying about how the technology works.

Successful Transformation from Chaos

Digitize Your Operations

Transform how your team works to improve performance and drive innovation.

Never Run Out of Inventory

Know what you have, who holds it, and where it is to fully utilize your existing inventory and planned production.

Expand Market Share

Grow, scale, and succeed with relentless focus on your competitive edge.

Created by Industry Veterans

We’ve been where you are, which means we get it. From ImplantBase’s inception in 2009, we’ve made understanding—and transforming—the system our mission.

years hands-on orthopedic industry experience
years extensive SaaS implementation experience
ImplantBase Community with best-practice resources
successful manufacturer implementations—zero failures