Streamline Your Commissions Process

Save time with automated calculation and centralized communication tools


Automatic Calculation and Paycheck Generation

Transform the cumbersome, error-prone process of calculating commissions into an automated process that takes just minutes each month. Save administrative hours and reduce errors.


Commissions Rules

Easily capture and manage the variability in commission percentages by contract, account, relationship, seniority, incentives, and more. Ensure compliance with audit traceability with a comprehensive audit trail.



Eliminate unwelcome month-end surprises with access to reports. Log product returns, service fees, and other events affecting commissions fees.


In-App Communication

Reduce disputes and speed resolutions with rep-back office communication on a single platform.


Eliminate Commissions Friction

Your commissions process is costing you time, money, and relationship capital. Take a closer look at the reasons why and how digital transformation is a game-changer.

All-in-One Software for Your Entire Team

Bring precision and simplicity to your commissions process.

  • Sales Operations
  • Distributors and Sales Reps
  • Finance

Sales Operations

Reduce time, complexity, and errors in calculating the commissions process and managing communications with the field.

  • Easily capture and change percentage and contract rules
  • Reduce errors
  • Cut down on disputes
  • Handle communication and resolution on a single platform
  • Access reports and archived data to view trends and performance

Distributors and Sales Reps

Improve collaboration with the back office with real-time visibility into what commission you are receiving and why.

  • Verify commissions rules and percentages by contract, account, incentives and more
  • Access real-time reports at any time of the month
  • Understand how and when product returns and other events affect compensation
  • Streamline communication with the back office on a single platform


Boost productivity, ensure compliance, and enhance relationships with automated commissions calculation in a centralized system.

  • Support and enable endless variations in contracts with sales reps and distributors
  • Cut down on administrative burdens of data entry and calculation
  • Reduce disputes and the time necessary to resolve them
  • Easily track compensation rules and changes for audit traceability and compliance
  • Access reports and archived data to view trends and performance

From Calculation to Rules to Reporting

Comprehensive features to handle every aspect of commissions

Payee Compensation Wizard

Easily set up, adjust, or review a payees’ compensation, including salary, commission rules, quotas, draws and guarantees.

Paycheck Generation

Generate and close out detailed paychecks for your reps or distributors. View a detailed pay breakdown, even at the part number.

Rep View

Provide reps access to a detailed pay view, right in the app. Enable real-time comparison to quota and in-app dispute resolution.

Commission Inspection

Track trends based on the tolerance you set to easily identify and inspect commissions.

Data Exports

Easily export data and detailed reports.

Dispute Resolutions

Streamline dispute resolution and communication with the use of a single platform.

Sales and Data Resolutions

Track for duplicates and potential errors to manage analysis and resolution.

Stand-Alone Module

Utilize ImplantBase’s Commissions module by itself. Upload any sales report from any system into the module.

Dedicated to Instrumenting Your Success

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