A Mobile App For A Mobile World

Do you need a mobile app to easily create and send sales orders for cases? Do you need a mobile app to locate available field inventory right now?


We know it’s a mobile world, where manufacturers and distributors need mobile tools to succeed. In fact, the way we all work has changed dramatically. The spread of the coronavirus has caused a surge in the number of people working remotely, and whether this is temporary or permanent, it's clear that remote connectivity will play an increasingly important role in the future of business. When your workforce is distributed across cities, states or countries, having the right tech tools in place ensures they can do their best work.

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Here are a few specifics for a great mobile environment:


  • Enabling visibility now -- Both manufacturers and distributors want inventory visibility in real time. Reps and back-office staff want it surfaced to them, whether they are at home or on the road. Everyone wants to see a complete picture of the inventory.
    • Now, as a result of ImplantBase’s mobile app, it's possible. Planning for cases is more efficient while out in the field, reducing the pressure of the 24-hour scramble for inventory.
  • Digitally connecting the supply chain -- A mobile platform needs to be simple and intuitive for the field to use on the phones already in their pockets, right from the OR.
    • ImplantBase’s mobile app offers an easy way to schedule a case and complete inventory requests from anywhere, and it also includes an offline mode so reps can work now and upload later when a signal is available. 
  • Sustaining high adoption rates -- High adoption rate is our key strength. After all, high adoption rates mean full utilization, which helps maximize your ability to unlock efficiency and fuel performance. 
    • When ImplantBase launched the mobile app, it was initially rolled out to a large customer, a top 10 global medical device manufacturer. Following the six-week rollout program to hundreds of reps, they raved about the simple, easy-to-use nature of the app.


As a manufacturer or distributor in a competitive, evolving industry, you cannot afford to be cavalier about the tools you spend money on. Investing in better, more powerful tools allows your team to work smarter and more efficiently, giving you the opportunity to transform operational performance and grow your business.


The world is mobile, and ImplantBase is here to enable your team to work in it. That's why we are focusing on enhancing the mobile experience. 


As the industry-specific, all-in-one software platform for your sales operations, inventory management and finance functions, ImplantBase is designed to work seamlessly with your existing business structure – no matter how you do business. We've developed a system that's flexible in module use, pricing, and system integration. Plus, we have a mobile app. To see the software in action, please contact us here.

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