Mobile Management of Cases, Field Inventory, People & Organizations

Did you know, one of the reasons why ImplantBase has over 97% adoption rate with distributors and sales reps is because of our easy-to-use, all-encompassing mobile app?


Salespeople and their network are constantly on-the-go with their mobile devices. Having an industry-leading, medical device field inventory management app that can manage surgery cases, inventory loaners & requests, shipments and include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities increases productivity even more.


Reasons why mobile CRM features are important:

  • Salespeople can manage their network of doctors, peers, and facilities such as hospitals right from their phone.
  • Their information is on the cloud, so data can be accessed easily and quickly. They can see past information or personal notes they may have on their person or facility.
  • They can input information, and their customer service team can also see it in real time should they choose.
  • If they suddenly get sick, they can share information to their network of users for added peace of mind. 


ImplantBase’s CRM section of the Mobile App enables users to view, add, and manage both people and organizations. Users can link people with the appropriate organizations and share visibility of both people & organizations with other users if they choose.


The “My People” section of the mobile app includes everyone from surgeons, office staff, operating room (OR) nurses, other hospital staff and manufacturer employees. The “My Organization” section includes hospitals, surgical practices, manufacturers, and stocking distributors. With user permissions, both areas also display sales information and charts relevant to the person or the organization.


Available in both iOS and Android devices, the ImplantBase Mobile App enables users to perform a variety of tasks relating to case management, inventory management and customer relationship management. 


All of this and much more can be seen by requesting a demo

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