Medical Device Field Inventory Audit Functions

You know how important inventory counts can be to your financial statements, especially when you have millions of dollars of medical device inventory in the field.


Do you have a streamlined process to audit those inventory in the field?


As an expert in medical device field inventory management software, we know the challenges of ensuring your field inventory is where it needs to be once it leaves your facility. Part of that management process includes inventory field audits at the distributor, hospital and sales rep levels, which helps you capture any inefficiencies, errors or other issues.


ImplantBase offers a comprehensive field audit module to capture snapshots of all manufacturer inventory, including sets/trays and implant items held by distributors in the field. 


  • Audits can be created for one distributor or all distributors holding manufacturer inventory.
  • Stakeholders can generate audit sheets using Excel or count inventory physically and enter it right into our software.
  • If connected to an ERP system, communication can be automatically set up to easily resolve any variances discovered during the audit.


Plus, an audit module wouldn’t be complete without a number of reports readily available to help users perform the audits such as:


  • Container Report
  • Expected Inventory Report
  • Interim Report


Don't take our word for it.


"ImplantBase's updated Audit module is an absolute game changer, and I am excited to build on it more as it has changed the way I conduct my daily business. Now, I only have to walk into a hospital/location with just my iPad, iPhone and charger to complete my audits. I have shopped around multiple times, and there is no one in this industry that can offer what ImplantBase offers when it comes to doing Field Audits. By working together, this collaborative effort from both ZimVie and ImplantBase achieved this tool." 


~Aleksandr Zavadskiy, Field Inventory Auditor, Operations at ZimVie


To learn more about these reports and other audit functions, click here

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