Leveraging Military Experience To Disrupt The Med Tech Industry

Join The Morning Fix podcast hosts Julie Dye and Amy Shepherd for an inspiring and informative chat with Ethan Lauer, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of ImplantBase. 


The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify or Stitcher. Learn more by clicking here and listening to the story of why and how Ethan started developing a software solution to help the medical device supply chain ecosystem, including those in the field.  


With his experience working as a medical device sales rep, he wanted to help solve challenges within the medical device inventory management market, so their job duties could be more efficient, more streamlined and therefore, saving more money and time for everyone in the supply chain ecosystem. 


Ethan provides an account of how his military background helped him impact the orthopedic medical device industry through software automation, as well as some perspectives on med device marketing and the impacts of COVID-19 on sales and marketing in the orthopedic industry. He also shares his work with SpineHope, a nonprofit dedicated to correcting spinal conditions and improving the lives of children worldwide.


As mentioned in the podcast, the mission of ImplantBase is to digitally transform the spine and orthopedic medical device industry by connecting people in operating rooms – on any device – to people who make the products that get implanted into patients, and by optimizing the last mile supply chain to decrease costs and improve profitability.


As part of Touchpoint Media, a group of podcasts dedicated to discussing all things healthcare, Julie and Amy are medical market professionals who provide content for medical technology marketers on trends, issues and best practices.

To learn more about how ImplantBase can offer your supply chain ecosystem with complete inventory visibility for everyone even while out in the field, click here or email us. ImplantBase is here to help make job duties easier and more streamlined.


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Leveraging Military Experience To Disrupt The Med Tech Industry

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