Features To Consider For Medical Device Inventory Solutions

How do you know when it’s time to update your inventory management process? 


If you’re in the medical device industry and struggling with data entry, human error, poor inventory visibility, and mismatch inventory between supply and demand, it’s time to look at an alternative solution. 


Here are a few features to consider when tackling inventory management solutions:


  • Usability  The best solution is easy-to-use, reduces the amount of time spent managing inventory, and expands from warehouse down to your sales rep.
  • Visibility – Inventory needs to be visible from the warehouse and what’s in transit from distributors to the sales rep, as well as back again to the warehouse from the sales rep.
  • Scalability – A system grows with you not only in terms of the ability to scale and integrate, but also be configurable to your business process.
  • Reporting & Analytics – Embedded analytics that are easy to pull and readily available to help analyze sales and inventory data.  


These key features ensure the system you choose will deliver the specific functionality you need to support your infrastructure.


Specifically designed for the orthopedic and spine medical device companies, ImplantBase is an easy-to-use, intuitive, all-in-one cloud software solution that enables everyone from a single rep, an entire distributorship, or a large manufacturer to connect and transact with everyone in their inventory ecosystem. With a 97% sales rep adoption rate, medical device companies can view and track all sales and inventory associated with surgeries, as well as see all moving inventory in real-time which minimizes asset loss and puts capital inventory to optimal use.


To see a demo or talk to an expert about how ImplantBase can assist you in streamlining your inventory management process, contact us. 

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