Inventory Solution Should Include Remote Shipping Capabilities

Do you have inventory that needs to be shipped? How important is shipping a product for a business to be successful? What about the ability to ship from anywhere in the field?


If you have an inventory management system, then you have products which are crucial to your business success. Even before the pandemic, there has been an increase in today’s shipping activities. With the holidays, shipping activities double. Companies need to make sure that shipping is easily streamlined as part of their business process. This includes end-to-end inventory, down to the last mile.


Here are multiple reasons why ensuring your inventory shipping features include an easy way for even the team in the field to use:


  • Preparing items or requesting items to ship can be time consuming, especially with the constant back and forth. Implementing the appropriate tools offers a streamlined process alleviating any wasted time and headache for your team.
    • With a shipping integration like FedEx, ImplantBase allows users to easily create a shipping label from anywhere, saving time spent running to a physical shipping location.
  • Pertinent information is more accurate because with the proper solution, you eliminate writing or transcription errors.
    • ImplantBase solution is streamlined from the back-office to the last mile, so your team in the field can easily enter the data required which not only saves time but offers less of a chance for mistakes.
  • A log of all activities is tracked through the system offering transparency and making it easier to locate inventory at a glance.
    • ImplantBase provides a full view of inventory visibility in real-time including any that are enroute to a location.


Having the right software that allows everyone on your team, even those in the field, to quickly process and prepare shipping documents for inventory management significantly saves time, and ensures your business remains profitable.


ImplantBase is an all-in-one solution designed specifically for the medical device supply chain ecosystem including to the salesperson in the field. This creates a more complete inventory visibility for everyone involved. To see ImplantBase in action, contact Alex McAvoy by clicking here.


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