ImplantBase Supports Children In Need Of Complex Spine Surgery

ImplantBase helps orthopedic medical device companies save millions in inventory with their field inventory solution, but also supports SpineHope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing advanced spinal care to children in under-resourced areas and providing them with a chance at an improved quality of life, reduction of pain, and when possible, prevention of paralysis.


SpineHope was founded in 2008 by pediatric spine surgeon Matthew Geck, MD, and orthopedic/spine industry veteran, Ethan Lauer, CEO of ImplantBase. The objective of their mission was to facilitate ways in which the orthopedic industry and medical community could serve children with spinal deformities.


“Dr. Geck and many others have donated their time and their talents to treat and correct spinal deformity in children residing in under-resourced communities around the world, as well as educate and assist the families of those children,” said Ethan Lauer, CEO of ImplantBase. “We’re proud to be a part of this support network by promoting SpineHope’s next fundraiser. And with your support, more impact can be made to help children suffering with spine deformity have a chance at a better quality of life.”


“We’re grateful to companies like ImplantBase for their sponsorship and support of our organization,” said Dawn Deakin, Executive Director of SpineHope. “Their support offers the gift of corrective spine surgery that helps children have a chance at a normal and healthy life.”


From October 4th - 13th, 2021, SpineHope will be hosting the 2021 WALK TALL Virtual Fundraiser to raise funds to help children in need of complex spine surgery and HOPE.



As SpineHope remains committed to helping children with debilitating spinal deformities get the care they need, please consider supporting efforts by way of event participation and/or event sponsorship. Proceeds will go to fund the surgery and treatment for at least three children who have been identified for procedures in 2022. $10,000 will provide a child with over $200,000 worth of donated medical services. Click here for sponsorship levels. Or, for a direct donation to SpineHope, click here. For more stories of those successfully treated, go to: and

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