Product Platform

ImplantBase was designed from the beginning to target specific painpoints for the 3 primary groups of users in the orthopedic industry.


For Manufacturers


Do these painpoints sounds familiar?

  • Wasting time on inventory & visibility logistics
  • Zero visibility of what’s happening (past, present or future)
  • Non-existent case management
  • Lagging or out of date reporting mechanisms
  • Dis-connected systems for back office integrations


For Distributors


Do these painpoints sound familiar?

  • Unreadable sales orders
  • Sales orders and inventory requests with partial/missing info
  • Disconnected systems (calendar, Excel, email, QB, etc.)
  • Constant problems with hospital pricing
  • No visibility of field inventory


For Sales Professional


Do these painpoints sound familiar?

  • Multiple systems to deal with
  • No inventory visibility (what they have and what’s inbound from manufacturers)
  • Writing on paper and inefficient data entry
  • Multiple phone calls and emails to get things done and check inventory status